Quality, results and evaluation

High quality and effectiveness are the two most important features of GIZ’s work. We assure the quality of our services through EFQM-based quality management and our Capacity WORKS management model. We demonstrate our effectiveness through monitoring and evaluation.

Quality is measured both in terms of how good a product or a service is and in terms of client satisfaction. To ensure that we provide high quality services and continually improve our work, we use a quality management system based on the internationally recognised model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Thanks to our quality management system we can meet both the requirements of our commissioning parties and the quality standards laid down in our internal regulations.

This includes ensuring that our results are sustainable as well as guaranteeing a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in the services we deliver.

Steering projects to achieve objectives

Capacity WORKS is GIZ’s management model for sustainable development. It is designed to help manage and steer projects and programmes so that an effective and sustainable contribution is made to developing the capacities of individuals, organisations and institutions in our partner countries.

Monitoring and evaluation provide evidence of results

For GIZ to be commercially successful as a service provider in the field of international cooperation, it is essential that we provide evidence of the effectiveness of our work. In this way our commissioning parties and the general public can be sure that we are making a real contribution to sustainable development. Monitoring and evaluation are therefore fully integrated into the process of managing contracts and cooperation at GIZ. 

GIZ’s projects and programmes are regularly reviewed to assess their quality, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. This enables us to learn from our experiences, ensure effective project management and achieve sustainable results.

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