Tender procedures online: GIZ launches e-tender platform

Bidding, advising or delivering: companies can now, take part in GIZ’s tender procedures completely online. This saves time and money – and protects the environment.

Every year the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH places over 15,000 orders with private sector partners via tender procedures – for items and services ranging from materials and equipment such as water pumps to complex advisory products. The new GIZ eProcurement Tender Platform allows interested companies to download tender documents from the internet, communicate online with the federal enterprise on any questions and then submit bids entirely digitally.

This procedure saves time and money, and protects the environment, because it eliminates the need to print hard copies and send offers all over the world via post or courier. At the same time, the Cosinex contract award software ensures that all bidders can participate in the call for competition on an equal footing, with legal certainty and free of charge. It only takes a few minutes to register for the EU-compliant, audit-proof, electronic contract award system. No additional signature cards or software are required.

GIZ’s eProcurement Tender Platform is initially launching for orders above the European Union threshold (tender procedures for contracts worth EUR 221,000 and above) with bids invited from all over Europe. The aim is to proceed in steps until tender procedures for contracts worth EUR 20,000 or more are also included in GIZ’s eProcurement Tender Platform. To date, these have been awarded via the conventional system. Hence, GIZ is planning to use its new platform for all procedures where contracts are awarded from Germany, including for small volumes, by mid-2019.

GIZ’s eProcurement Tender Platform is part of the company’s sustainability strategy. This includes targets for sustainable corporate management such as applying green operating strategies and environmental management.