Global Health – One Health

Resilient health systems 

Health is a prerequisite for a self-determined life. However, medical care is often inadequate, particularly in developing countries and emerging economies. GIZ supports partner countries in making their health systems more resilient by training health personnel worldwide and promoting effective treatment methods. In 2020 alone, GIZ helped provide nearly 89 million people with better health services. 

Global solutions for fair health care

Diseases do not stop at national borders. International commercial and passenger transport, which is growing steadily, brings with it the threat of pandemics. GIZ supports regional organisations in developing cross-border infection protection plans. Mutual learning serves as a basis for controlling and fighting disease outbreaks and for fair health care. International hospital partnerships, in which health personnel from Germany and 58 countries share their expertise, are an example of this.


Fair vaccine distribution worldwide 

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, multilateral efforts such as the COVAX Facility, which pools worldwide demand and resources for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines, demonstrate how global health can be funded. The Team Europe approach also strengthens joint action. GIZ is committed to the fair distribution of vaccines across the globe and supports partner countries in providing vaccines and educating the population. The long-term goal is to develop local vaccine production. 

Bringing together climate change, biodiversity and health 

Inadequate nature conservation and shrinking habitats are bringing humans and animals critically close to one another. Studies have shown that more than three quarters of all newly emerging infectious diseases affecting humans originate in animals. We therefore need a basic understanding that encompasses food security, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and human and animal health. GIZ is pooling its long-standing experience in these areas to deliver holistic solutions in keeping with the One Health approach.