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The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJv) is engaged in an exchange of information and expertise with GIZ on the various measures the two are implementing in the field of international legal and judicial cooperation.

This focuses, for example, on improving legislation and judicial systems in transition and emerging countries, facilitating exchanges for legal experts, providing further professional training, arranging study visits for foreign legal professionals in Germany and in the partner countries themselves, and organising platforms for learning and sharing experiences.

GIZ also assists the Ministry to secure funding from the EU. In addition, the Ministry contributes to the German-Chinese Rule of Law Dialogue, which GIZ is supporting on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

GIZ’s services and thematic priorities

GIZ can provide the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection with a wide range of international cooperation services to support the attainment of its policy goals:


International legal cooperation

Reforming legal and justice systems, promoting the rule of law, improving human rights protection
  • Holding advanced training events for jurists as well as national and international conferences
  • Organising study trips for foreign jurists to Germany and Europe
  • Promoting partnerships between legal authorities in Germany and partner countries
  • Producing legal publications


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