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Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the world’s largest climate fund, established by the Parties to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Since 2016 GIZ has been accredited by the GCF Board to develop funding proposals and oversee the implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.

GIZ involves partner countries and organisations in all the project development stages to ensure the country ownership and to further pave the way for sustainable results, while assuring an efficient project implementation and financial management.

GIZ engages with the Fund in three ways:

  • Partnering for Readiness: GIZ promotes knowledge sharing on climate finance readiness and supports partner countries in improving their access to GCF funds and in implementing effective climate projects independently.
  • Project development: GIZ develops medium-size funding proposals that promote climate-resilient and low-emission development pathways.
  • Oversight of project implementation: GIZ ensures efficient and effective delivery of projects, where necessary by applying adaptive management measures to manage risks, and supports lessons learnt and knowledge management.

Additional information

‘Climate Resilient Water Sector in Grenada’ strengthens the country’s water sector by establishing a water governance body and investing in climate resilient water infrastructure.

‘Promotion of Climate-friendly Cooking’ aims to accelerate the growth of improved cookstoves market in Kenya and Senegal and significantly increase the level and quality of improved cookstoves production and sales in remote rural areas.

‘Implementation of GHG Emissions Reductions Programme through Improved Governance and Sustainable Forest Landscape’ supports the Lao People’s Democratic Republic improve forest and land-use management to achieve its REDD+ plans.

Supporting climate-friendly forest management in Georgia’ helps the country reduce GHG emissions from forest decline by introducing sustainable forest management and the use of energy-efficient stoves.