Cooperation with companies, trade associations and chambers of commerce is a key focus of GIZ’s work. On behalf of the German Government, we promote private sector engagement in emerging and developing countries, and improve companies’ economic efficiency and development effectiveness. We also support governments in many countries in creating enabling legal and economic environments and, together with German, European and international enterprises, we develop strategies for sustainable business practices. Furthermore, we operate directly on behalf of major companies from a variety of industries.

Thanks to our excellent market knowledge and global contacts, GIZ is an ideal partner for companies. All our projects and cooperative activities focus on linking business interests with development-policy goals so as to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our activities on behalf of BMZ include coordinating around 50 development partnerships each year and advising companies on CSR and broad-impact business models. GIZ helps with the application of environmental and social standards, supports on-site training and works to implement the principles of the Global Compact.

More information on our cooperation with the private sector, and examples of projects, can be found on our ‘Private sector’ microsite (link on right of page).