Promoting participatory management of natural resources

Project description

Title: Participatory Management of Terrestrial Resources in Mauritania (CoRNT)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)​​​​​​​
Country: Mauritania​​​​​​​
Lead executing agency: Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD)​​​​​​​
Overall term: 2022 to 2024

Traditionally produced bars of soap bars by the AGLC. ©GIZ/Lea Belitz


For more than 30 years, there has been a strong trend towards the degradation of ecosystems in Mauritania. This is due to climatic, societal and economic changes and to the environmentally harmful use of resources. Increasing numbers of people are therefore leaving rural areas and moving to cities, where new slums are developing and environmental pollution is worsening.

A baobab tree in Guidimakha ©GIZ/Lea Belitz


Population groups dependent on threatened natural resources have long-term income opportunities.


The project strengthens governance and management systems to protect natural resources, ecosystem services and biodiversity. It also creates green incomes and jobs, promoting short- and long-term local economic development.

  1. With the Mauritanian Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD), the project is developing a strategy for biodiversity. It is also working on tools such as a remote surveying system for the vegetation coverage index. The environmental information system enables relevant data to be compiled and shared between partners. Staff at the MEDD receive training on this.
  2. Together with the user associations (AGLC) and their umbrella organisation in Guidimakha, the project works on issues such as soil rehabilitation, reforestation and monitoring of the AGLC forest areas. A processing facility for forest products is also being created for all local associations to use. The project is assisting with planning and development.
  3. Local partners receive support with all aspects of the commercialisation and marketing of the products produced and processed by the AGLC.

Last update: February 2022

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