Promoting hydrogen projects in developing countries and emerging economies: H2Uppp

Project description

Title: Implementation of the International Hydrogen Ramp-Up Programme/H2Uppp
Commissioned by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)
Country: Global
Overall term: 2022 to 2024


In order to achieve the climate change objectives in the Paris Agreement, many countries throughout the world are turning to green hydrogen (H2) and its derivatives. Industries such as steel, chemicals and aviation are particularly important for decarbonising the economy. Green hydrogen and what are known as power-to-X technologies are increasingly important for reaching the climate change objectives in these sectors. PtX is the abbreviation given to technologies for storing green electricity for subsequent reuse in various energy carriers. However, market growth in developing countries and emerging economies requires targeted support to establish economic pathways for production and use, identify potential projects and develop business models.


Markets for green hydrogen technologies, especially in developing countries and emerging economies, are developed further through partnerships with business and public-private pilot projects.


The project operates in three areas of action:

  1. It identifies pilot projects in the partner countries. It investigates possible projects along the H2 value chain that are cost effective and sustainable. As the same time, it finds consumers for the hydrogen produced. It provides technical advice and political support on developing ideas and preparing projects.
  2. The project supports H2 pilot projects in partner countries through public-private partnerships with German and European countries. These partnerships will be selected via a public invitation to submit tenders (open procedure).
  3. It compiles analyses and expert studies on market and trade development, and country and sector potentials and business models. The project helps to create supportive frameworks in the partner countries through H2 readiness analyses. To disseminate the knowledge gained, it promotes networking with companies and sector associations as well as think tanks and specialist bodies in Germany, Europe and the partner countries.

These activities are implemented in close cooperation with the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) in the project countries.

Last updated: March 2024