Strengthening the participation of women in the rehabilitation and peace process in Iraq

Strengthening the participation of women in the rehabilitation and peace process in Iraq

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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  • Lead executing agency


  • Overall term

    2019 to 2024

  • Products and expertise

    Security, reconstruction and peace

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It is difficult for women and girls in Iraq to access education, health care and employment. They have limited opportunities for social and political participation or to reach decision-making positions. Reasons behind are amongst others patriarchal structures in society, stereotypes affecting women and widespread violence against girls and women.

The Government of Iraq has implemented a series of national plans and strategies designed to strengthen women’s participation. One important milestone is the national action plan on Women, Peace and Security, which contributes to the implementation of UN Resolution 1325. However, due to halting implementation, women remain under-represented in the rehabilitation and peace process. They also face high levels of violence and have to deal with discriminatory practices.


Iraqi women play an equal and active role in shaping the rehabilitation and peace process.

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The project operates in various fields of activity to improve the equal participation of women in the rehabilitation and peace process in the country.

  • It adopts a comprehensive approach, which expands skills at individual and institutional level, focusing in particular on dialogue, awareness-raising measures and the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Thereby, the project works with religious and traditional authorities, activists and women leaders, civil society stakeholders and selected government representatives.
  • It raises awareness and improves the skills of governmental service providers, enabling them to respond appropriately to the needs of survivors of violence against women.
  • It produces effective public campaigns in cooperation with non-governmental organisations led by women in order to dismantle stereotypes affecting women.
  • It supports digital initiatives that challenge the current patriarchal system.
  • It supports activities that aim to improve the living conditions of Yazidi women by offering measures to generate income and providing psychosocial support.
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Last updated: July 2023

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