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Promoting just and climate-friendly mobility

TUMI – Just Mobility

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  • Commissioning Party

    Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ))

  • Cofinancier

    European Union (EU)

  • Country
  • Lead executing agency


  • Overall term

    2023 to 2027

  • Products and expertise

    Sustainable infrastructure: Water, energy, transport

Close-up of an electric bus with ‘TUMI E-Bus Mission’ written on the digital display. © TUMI


Mobility is an essential facilitator for countries to develop in the long-term. However, trends such as urbanisation and motorisation are an increasing burden on transport systems and air quality. In global terms, transport is responsible for approximately 24 per cent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore important to address to mitigating climate change.

The climate protection objectives of the Paris Agreement and the goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda can only be implemented through a global just transition in the transport sector. Although there are more and more technical means of reducing emissions, such as electric mobility, urban transport systems in the Global South are unable to achieve their climate and development goals.


Just and climate-friendly mobility has been strengthened in selected cities in the Global South.

Close-up of a bus driver through an open window on the bus. © Ana Jayme, IPPUC


The project promotes concepts and measures to develop a global just transition in the transport sector. It is therefore active in the following areas:

  • It advises and supports cities worldwide on the implementation of measures for climate-friendly and just transport systems through the TUMI E-Bus Mission by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI). The TUMI E-Bus Mission specifically provides selected cities with technical advisory services regarding preparations for the acquisition of a total of 100,000 electric buses by 2025.
  • The MoVe Yaoundé component of the project, which is cofinanced by the European Union, improves the sustainable mobility services offered in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. It supports pedestrian access to the road infrastructure, while also promoting the professionalisation of the private taxi business sector. The project is implemented in close collaboration with the French development agency.
  • Knowledge products and training courses for decision-makers offered by the project aim to enhance the level of interdisciplinary expert knowledge on a globaljust transition in the transport sector. It also positions related transport strategies in global and local urban networks as well as specialist networks.

Last update: August 2023

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