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Improving global health protection

Supporting the Global Health Protection Programme

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG)

  • Country

    Germany (Global)

  • Overall term

    2021 to 2025

  • Products and expertise

    Social development


In a globalised world, pathogens can spread across borders rapidly, threatening the health of the world’s population. Health security and health protection are therefore international challenges that require transnational solutions and close cooperation.

To address these challenges, the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) launched the Global Health Protection Programme (GHPP) in 2016. The programme supports networking, dialogue and cooperation between specialist institutions in Germany and international partner organisations that work for the public health sector. It thus improves global health protection.


Germany contributes effectively to preventing local and transnational diseases and detecting and containing outbreaks.


The project runs the GHPP Secretariat and works in four core areas:

  • It advises the BMG in order to organise and manage the GHPP transparently and effectively. The project manages the funding programme in close coordination with the BMG.
  • The project designs a data collection system to monitor the results and impacts of funded projects and the programme. It also supports the implementation of this system and prepares data to manage the programme.
  • Furthermore, the project creates digital spaces where those involved with funded projects can share experiences. The project provides learning opportunities for project teams.
  • It also supports public relations work for the GHPP and improves project-related communication for the institutions concerned. The project is the GHPP's first point of contact for interested parties.

Last update: November 2023

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