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Promoting international agricultural research in order to improve agricultural and food systems

Fund International Agricultural Research (FIA)

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ

  • Country
  • Overall term

    2019 to 2027

  • Products and expertise

    Rural development and agriculture

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Smallholder farmers in developing countries are fighting the impacts of climate change. To date, food and production systems have seldom operated on an environmentally sound or economically and socially equitable basis.

Taking this as their starting point, CGIAR (formerly the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) – the global research partnership for a food-secure future – and other research centres (CGIAR++) are developing innovative solutions to these challenges.


International agricultural research is putting greater emphasis on transforming agricultural and food systems.

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The project supports international agricultural research in four areas:

1. Promoting excellent research
The project currently supports eight initiatives with various thematic and geographical priority areas as well as One CGIAR’s gender platform. The impact areas of the initiatives are:

  • Climate adaptation and mitigation
  • Environmental health and biodiversity
  • Gender equality, youth and social inclusion
  • Nutrition, health and food security
  • Poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs

Support is also being provided to a further 28 projects working on complementary research topics.

2. Strengthening HR and professional skills at CGIAR++
The project is seconding 11 integrated experts in order to support research managers, set priorities, coordinate research-portfolio content and to develop strategies for disseminating research results.

3. Supporting communication
The project advises on how to communicate the benefits of and need for international agricultural research more effectively.

4. Providing advice and setting key policy areas
The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is supported in drawing up contributions to international agricultural research and taking positions on current developments. To make research activities more results-driven, the advisors work in the relevant strategic committees at CGIAR. The project is also actively involved in donor coordination.

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Last update: August 2023

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