Achieving social protection for all through alliances and partnerships

Global Programme ‘Global Alliances for Social Protection’ (GASP)

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  • Client

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

  • Co-financier

    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

  • Country
  • Runtime

    2023 to 2026

  • Products and expertise

    Social development


Social protection is a human right and a key tool for tackling poverty and inequality. The 2030 Agenda envisions universal access to social protection systems, yet more than half of the world’s population still has little or no access to any form of social protection.

Germany supports efforts to develop universal, inclusive and adaptive social protection systems which improve the resilience of the population to individual life risks and collective crises.


Progress has been achieved in the implementation of selected international social protection initiatives globally and in individual countries.


The project focuses on five areas:

  1. The further development and dissemination of openIMIS, a digital public good for the management of health and social protection programmes that benefits over 10 million people in 10 countries.
  2. Supporting the Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) in developing standards for greater interoperability in digital social protection. The DCI is a joint effort to develop and disseminate consensus-based transnational technical standards as the basis for a harmonised, interoperable digital ecosystem for social protection.
  3. Improving financing for adaptive social protection, the programme supports climate risk finance alignment with social protection initiatives in selected countries that are part of the Global Shield against Climate Risks.
  4. In partnership with the World Bank, the project provides technical assistance to consolidate the digital backbone of social protection systems in Rwanda and Uzbekistan. It also supports efforts of the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions to test new modalities for linking multilateral and bilateral development cooperation.
  5. It empowers partner countries’ decision-makers through a social protection leadership programme, improving ownership and capabilities for social protection reforms.

Last update: September 2023

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