Environmental governance and biodiversity

Project description

Title: Environmental governance and biodiversity
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Algeria
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water Resources and the Environment (MREE)
Overall term: 2014 to 2018


The continuous growth of urban centres, as well as rapid infrastructure development and industrialisation are causing severe environmental damage that is jeopardising biodiversity in Algeria. Economic and population growth, compounded by the effects of climate change, will place ever greater pressure on ecosystems and biodiversity, especially in the north of the country.


Methods and instruments for environmental governance are being used effectively, making it possible to achieve a number of biodiversity goals, for instance through participatory management approaches in conservation areas.


The programme is carrying out the following activities:

  • improvement of coordination between relevant ministries and other institutions, taking into account the environmental interests in various policy areas
  • capacity building for participating ministries and their subordinate authorities, in order to improve environmental governance
  • improvement of the understanding of biodiversity among stakeholders in the public administration, the private sector and civil society
  • promotion of the sustainable management and conservation of biological and genetic resources for the benefit of the Algerian people.