Improving land use in Laos

Project description

Title: Land Management and Decentralized Planning 3 (LMDP 3)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Laos
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoNRE), and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF)
Overall term: 2019 to 2023

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The various ministries responsible for land use and land management and the different levels of administration in Laos each have different mandates. However, these are often not clearly defined and may even overlap in their practical execution. This leads to an unclear distribution of responsibilities. Empirical land-use data are extremely important for solving land conflicts and for applying sustainable land-management principles in practice. Although there have been improvements, government agencies are still not fully able to strategically implement existing land-use planning instruments and methods.

From 2015 to 2019, the LMDP projects 1+2 developed different tools to improve land-use planning. The current phase of the project LMDP 3 is working to improve the abilities of the relevant actors on the ground to apply the tools and procedures that will make it possible to achieve nationwide land registration.


The relevant authorities in Laos are learning how to use land-use planning instruments at all levels to manage natural resources and to solve and prevent conflicts over land and resources.

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To integrate the different land-information systems into the partner structures, LMDP 3 focusses on measures that will enable the partners to apply the developed tools.

This involves the organisation of training courses at provincial and district level. Their aim is to improve local technical expertise in the area of software development and to provide for a better understanding of procedural issues. In addition, trainings on technical tools like GIS and UAV-drones are provided.

Procedures and instruments are being implemented in the pilot province Sayabouri so that the results can then be fed into national socio-economic development planning.

Policy dialogues are taking place between government partners and other donors on all topics related to the good governance of land use.

Last update:  August 2021

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