Promoting youth employment in rural areas

Project description

Title: Promoting youth employment in rural areas (PEJ)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Morocco
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs (MEAS)
Overall term: 2015 bis 2017


Promoting employment is a top priority and an issue of utmost importance for the Moroccan authorities. The working-age population has doubled in the last 30 years. The unemployment rate for young Moroccans living in rural areas was 19.3 per cent at the end of 2013. Underemployment is a general problem, especially for women, 36.8 per cent of whom were employed at the end of 2013. Although the country is making progress, its economic growth is not sufficient to create an adequate number of jobs and to integrate the ever growing number of jobseekers – particularly young people – into the labour market.

Major challenges include:

  • a high unemployment rate for young people living in urban areas, disillusioned workers and a low employment rate as well as qualitative deficits such as a lack of job security, low income and informal employment, particularly affecting those with no qualifications
  • a general and vocational education system which does not adequately meet the needs of the labour market
  • strong segmentation of the labour market with significant regional disparities (between urban/rural areas and regions) and social differences (gender, level of education, age)
  • insufficient job opportunities to meet demand from young people in rural areas.
To address these challenges, the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs has drafted a national strategy for employment, which aims to provide an institutional, legal and economic environment conducive to the creation of decent and productive jobs.


The employment situation for young women and men in the regions of Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate and Fès-Boulemane has improved.


In keeping with the philosophy of the national employment and regionalisation strategies, the project aims to develop and realise an integrated approach to the promotion of employment in the pilot provinces which influences both labour supply and the demand for work and the functioning of the labour market.

The project plans to carry out activities in four areas:

  1. Establishing regional mechanisms to promote employment in the provinces of Taza, Taounate and Sefrou
  2. Adapting job creation instruments to the needs of young people in rural areas
  3. Supporting initiatives designed to enhance the employability of young people in the target regions
  4. Creating employment opportunities by supporting entrepreneurship.
The project is administered by the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs and a regional project management organisation consisting of the National Agency for Promoting Employment and Skills (anapec), the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the General Confederation of Businesses in Morocco.