17th of May 2018 | International conference „Working together: Partnership and Dialogue”

Ukraine is working extremely hard to make itself fit for the future. Germany is supporting Ukraine with its modernisation efforts. This partnership is anchored in the cooperation with the EU and its member states. On behalf of the German Federal Government, other European countries and international donors, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is working to improve living conditions for the Ukrainian population. Cooperating closely with its government and civil-society partners, Germany´s contributions involve a range of activities relating to reforms, urban development, developing a sustainable economy, and energy efficiency. In addition, a major focus of the work in Ukraine involves contributing to the stabilisation of the situation in the east of the country.

The nature and scope of the cooperation has changed a great deal since the Kiev Maidan protests. Now is therefore an appropriate moment for a discussion with national and international partners about the joint work: how well can the solutions be implemented which have been developed during the years of upheaval in Ukraine? A more nuanced discussion on the reality in Ukraine will not only promote a greater understanding. It will also open up and strengthen access to the tough development the country has been undergoing since 2014. At the event on 17 May, equal time for reflection and inspiration will be taken in order to discuss the basic framework and different perspectives within the cooperation. Professionalism, a systematic approach and efficiency are crucial to the success of individual projects. However, long-term, shared success in cooperation is dependent on the quality of its underlying ethos; on understanding, responsibility and respect.

This dialogue event aims to make a contribution to our mutual understanding of the cooperation, the existing challenges and the perspectives of the Ukrainian-German partnership. The objective is to reinforce the ties to the partners by showing appreciation for what has been achieved and gathering strength for what is to come. Attendees of the event are to be given the opportunity to get to know their German partners away from their day-to-day working relationships – as authentic, diverse and dedicated individuals who are committed to their task.

The event is aimed at decision-makers from politics, civil society and business, and at cooperation partners of foundations, associations, NGOs, etc.

It also addresses embassies and donor organisations, as well as the scientific and academic community.

                                          Programme 17 May 2018


3.00 p.m.


4.00 p.m. 

Welcoming speech by Sabine Müller, Regional Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

4.10 p.m.

Stepan Kubiv, First Vice Prime Minister 
4.20 p.m.
Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, Parliamentary State Secretary at Federal Ministry of Economic
Cooperation and Development
4.30 p.m.

Podium 1: Creating the Future Together

  • Dr. Christoph Beier, Vice-Chair of the GIZ Management Board 
  • Dr. Peter Wagner, Head of the Support Group for Ukraine at the European Commission 
  • Natalia Mykolska, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade – Trade Commissioner of Ukraine
  • Olaf Zymelka, Head of Department KfW
5.45 p.m.

Podium 2: Perspectives of Ukrainian-German Cooperation

  • Tetyana Kovtun, Deputy State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine 
  • Jurii Andrukhowitsch, Author 
  • Prof. Georg Milbradt, Special Envoy of the German Government for the Ukrainian reform in the areas of governance and decentralisation
  • Rebecca Harms, Member of the European Parliament 
6.50 p.m. Final words by Dr. Ernst Reichel, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in
7 p.m. Reception and vernissage
10 p.m. End of event

Moderator: Vadym Karpiak, 
Languages: Ukrainian, German, English



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