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The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been supporting Ukraine on behalf of the German Federal Government since 1993. GIZ has had a country office in Kyiv since 2009.

Ukraine is a country with a rich culture, fertile soils and substantial economic potential. The population is well educated and the country is increasingly evolving into an attractive market for innovative technologies thanks to its growing IT sector. Nevertheless, 30 years after gaining independence, Ukraine continues to face immense challenges. There is a great need for reform, in particular regarding approximation to the European single market. Outdated industrial companies, major discrepancies between workforce qualifications and the needs of the labour market, weak institutions at national, regional and local level, and insufficient public services are all factors contributing to the country having the lowest per-capita income in Europe. Energy consumption is three to four times higher than the European average and many buildings are in desperate need of renovation. At the same time, Ukraine is taking important steps to continue its development. The ratification of the Association Agreement with the European Union in 2017 marked an important milestone on the road to the country’s Euro-centric future.

However, the armed conflict in Ukraine’s eastern regions repeatedly gives rise to political and economic difficulties that serve to destabilise the country. 

GIZ is implementing measures in Ukraine on behalf of four German ministries, the European Union (EU) and other international partners.

Ukrainian-German cooperation currently focuses on the following areas:

  • Good governance,
  • Energy efficiency and climate,
  • Sustainable economic development.

In the field of good governance, GIZ supports processes to reform public administration and improve services for the general public and the private sector. A transparent digital tendering system (PROZORRO) developed especially for public contracting promotes fair competition and thus saves public money. Throughout the country, municipalities are also benefiting from an extensive decentralisation reform.

To help Ukraine meet its climate goals, GIZ promotes sustainable building practices and the environmentally friendly renovation of both public and private buildings. Modern technologies are applied to improve energy efficiency, which in turn can reduce costs. In this way, the country reduces its consumption of resources and its CO2 output.

To encourage the country’s economic development, GIZ works with the Ukrainian Government on implementing the Association Agreement with the European Union. Ukraine’s standards are to be aligned with those of the EU, and trade barriers are to be dismantled. GIZ also supports technical and vocational education and training and adapts it to labour market needs.

In addition, GIZ assists the Ukrainian Government in developing prospects for the eastern part of the country in order to tackle the consequences of the crisis there. On behalf of German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ also supports communities in the region that are hosting internally displaced persons.

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