ProAdapta – Support for adaptation to climate change

Project description

Titel: Supporting Brazil in the implementation of its National Agenda for Climate Change Adaptation
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
Country: Brazil
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Environment (MMA)
Overall term: 2017 to 2022



The economic, social and ecological effects of climate change in Brazil are considerable. Politicians have responded by developing an agenda for adaptation to climate change, the most important instrument of which is the National Adaptation Plan (NAP). The central challenges for its implementation at national, federal state and local level are the lack of capacity and innovation in methodology. There is also insufficient coordination and sharing of experience between the relevant stakeholders for the adaptation to climate change. In addition, there are few successful examples of adaptation and measures for adaptation being integrated into policy planning and decision-making processes. Most of the efforts towards adaptation must come from non-governmental and private sector sources, but these organisations are often unaware of the need to adapt to climate change.


Brazil’s resilience to climate change is increased by effective implementation of the national agenda for adaptation to climate change.

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Implemented in cooperation with the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, the project is supporting the Ministry in its coordination role using management tools such as the monitoring of adaptation measures. Moreover, it is developing capacity in selected sectors, federal states and municipalities to implement public strategies, methods and instruments designed to mainstream reproducible measures for adapting to climate change. In addition, the project is putting measures in place to raise awareness in the private sector and civil society for adaptation to climate change. Finally, the lessons learned in the project will be disseminated both nationally and internationally.

The project approach involves improving the framework conditions for adapting to climate change. The project is equipping the Brazilian Ministry of Environment and other key stakeholders at government level to take due account of climate risks in strategies, plans and programmes. Another aim is to raise awareness among decision-makers. Tools are being developed to facilitate climate risk management and the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation in planning and decision-making processes. The project can only support implementation of the NAP in pilot form. Lessons learned and project approaches will be disseminated and applied throughout Brazil within the framework of the NAP implementation process (upscaling). In addition, experience gained in the project will also be shared nationally and internationally.

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