Support for the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Viet Nam

Project description

Title: Support to Viet Nam for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)
Country: Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Viet Nam (MONRE)
Overall term: 2019 to 2023


Viet Nam is extremely vulnerable to climate change as a result of its long coastline and many river estuaries. For this reason, the country is developing a policy committed to taking action on climate change. Mitigation goals and adaptation priorities are formulated in nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Viet Nam was also quick to ratify the Paris Agreement and was one of the very first countries to develop a plan of action regarding the concrete implementation of the agreement. This plan specifies necessary measures, responsibilities and specific support requirements. However, the country still lacks concrete implementation experience. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Viet Nam (MONRE) is responsible for interministerial cooperation regarding implementation of the national climate protection targets. Governance and legal issues need to be clarified as, among other things, the climate targets that Viet Nam has communicated internationally have not yet been incorporated into either national or sectoral legislation. Planning of the NDC implementation in towns and cities and at provincial level also needs to be expanded and reflected in national budgets.


Improved general conditions have been established for the implementation of NDCs and the Paris Agreement in Viet Nam. These contribute to an ambitious medium-to-long-term climate policy by the Vietnamese Government. Pilot activities demonstrate measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing resilience to the damaging consequences of climate change. The target groups also benefit in social and environmental terms.


The project supports the Government of Viet Nam in establishing the general conditions needed to implement the NDCs in line with the Paris Agreement. Improved climate legislation aims to provide the country with a solid foundation for an ambitious medium-to-long-term climate policy. In the long term, the intention is for measurable mitigation and adaptation results to be accompanied by social and environmental changes. In this way, the project supports the decarbonisation of the national economy in all areas of life. 
The support for the Vietnamese Government to implement the Paris Agreement covers five core areas:

  • The project advises MONRE on the further development and implementation of Viet Nam’s contribution to combating climate change. National circumstances and the international context are coordinated.
  • The project is supporting the development of an institutional framework for implementing the Paris Agreement. It is also advising on the incorporation of environmental protection strategies into the portfolios of the responsible ministries. 
  • Together with relevant ministries, the private sector and civil society, measures designed to reduce CO2 emissions are to be developed that can be financed over the long term. 
  • Specific measures that demonstrate great potential for scalability are being implemented in two provinces. These measures aim to improve the protection of regional ecosystems, as these play a key role in adaptation to the damaging consequences of climate change (concept of ecosystem-based adaptation).
  • The project serves as an interface for the International Climate Initiative (IKI), via which active IKI projects in Viet Nam are coordinated and information about climate policy processes is provided.