Energy-efficient housing as a contribution to climate action

Project description

Title: Support of the national energy efficiency fund and of a climate-friendly reform agenda (S2I) in Ukraine
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV)
Country: Ukraine
Lead executing agency: Ministry for Community and Territorial Development 
Overall term: 2018 to 2025



Ukraine’s energy consumption is very high, and energy prices are rising each year. Heating homes accounts for up to 40 per cent of the country’s total energy consumption. Many households are dependent on state subsidies. While the state spends a great deal of money on subsidies, energy efficiency in the residential sector remains poor, making renovations necessary. In addition, CO2 emissions are having a significant adverse impact on the environment.

The Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) is a public institution which awards grants to homeowners’ associations (HOAs) for thermal modernisation projects in multifamily residential buildings. Modernisation can usually reduce energy consumption in the buildings by 20 to 70 per cent. This enables the state to save money on subsidising energy supplies and make progress towards implementing its national climate targets (NDCs). Residents have lower electricity costs and benefit from a higher standard of living as a result of warmer homes.


The energy efficiency of multifamily residential buildings in Ukraine has increased and CO2 emissions have been reduced. Residents save on energy costs and can live more comfortably.



The project is helping to develop the EEF’s institutional structure and guidelines for awarding grants, and to improve implementation processes and procedures.

As part of the First Movers pilot programme, the project is supporting 15 HOAs in carrying out thermal modernisation projects so that the EEF’s operational mechanisms can be tested and adjusted.

The project organises training courses and external advice for the Fund’s staff and is developing mechanisms to meet both the Fund’s objectives and applicants’ needs.

It is also promoting the Ukrainian market for technical services. To ensure high-quality services, the project offers training programmes for regional specialists.

The project is helping the EEF to speed up the application process for HOAs by making use of digital solutions.

Last update: February 2022

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