Triangular Cooperation Costa Rica, Tunisia, and Germany: Consolidation and Promotion of Sustainable Tourism

Project description

Title: Consolidation and Promotion of Sustainable Tourism
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ),
Country: Costa Rica, Tunisia 
Overall term: 2016 to 2018


The tourism industry has a crucial role in the economic development of Tunisia. However, tourism in Tunisia suffered a severe collapse in the Arab Spring of 2010.

This requires a reorientation of the country's current mass tourism towards sustainable ecotourism. In doing so, Tunisia can learn from the exemplary experiences of Costa Rica, a country that has valuable knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism.


The transfer of best practices and proven instruments in the field of sustainable tourism as well as its adaptation to local conditions in order to create better employment opportunities in the tourism industry of the participating countries is strengthened.


The project applies the relevant principles of triangular cooperation, which are intended for the development of the involved countries. In cooperation with the governments of Costa Rica and Germany, sustainable tourism in Tunisia should be consolidated and promoted through the mutual exchange of information and best practices of projects already implemented: training, marketing and the certification of sustainable travel destinations.

The project includes key actors from various tourism related sectors in the three countries, allowing for a multi-sectoral exchange between the public, private and academic sectors as well as civil society.


  • At least three best practices in the sustainable management areas of selected travel destinations, marketing and certification have been transferred from one country to another. 
  • At least one bilateral scientific cooperation has been undertaken between universities of participating partner countries. 
  • The certification process "sustainable destination" is successfully initiated in at least one destination in Tunisia and Costa Rica.
  • One innovative marketing campaign has been developed, reviewed and implemented in Costa Rica and Tunisia. 
  • At least one new tourism product is being introduced in Tunisia (e.g. hiking tourism).

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