GIZ sector networks

Sector networks

Our sector networks have the following objectives:

  • Learning and cooperating in the region
  • Creating added value for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and partners
  • Onboarding of new employees by connecting them to other experts
  • Stimulating and contributing to innovation.

The sector networks operate mainly through various working groups on relevant topics. In addition, they use formats such as regional conferences, strategy meetings and task teams.

All projects commissioned by the BMZ participate in at least one sector network with sector and/or regional relevance for the project. This means that worldwide around 750 GIZ-implemented bilateral, regional and global projects as well as sector initiatives from over 100 countries contribute to the networks. Projects commissioned by other ministries can usually also become members.

The opportunity of becoming actively involved with a sector network is reserved for GIZ employees working in the member projects and their national partners. However, we are happy to respond to any enquiries concerning this networking format.

Additional information

GGA – Good Governance Afrika

Go-MENA – Governance in der MENA-Region

NICD – Network International Cooperation in Conflicts and Disasters

RedED-LAC – Good Governance und Menschenrechte in Lateinamerika und Karibik – Good Governance Süd-/Osteuropa, Kaukasus, Zentralasien

SNGA – Governance Asien

Energy SSA – Energie Subsahara Afrika

GADeR-ALC – Umweltmanagement und Ländliche Entwicklung in Lateinamerika und der Karibik

MEN-ReM – Mediterranean Environmental Network

SENECA GREEN – Umwelt Süd-/Osteuropa, Zentralasien, Kaukasus, Afghanistan

SNRD Afrika – Ländliche Entwicklung Afrika

SNRD Asia/Pacific – Ländliche Entwicklung und natürliche Ressourcen

SOWAS – Dienstleistungen für Wasser und Sanitärversorgung

TUEWAS – Transport, Umwelt, Energie, Wasser, Asien

Assets for Asia – Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsentwicklung Asien

MINO – Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsentwicklung in der MENA-Region

NEDA – Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsentwicklung Afrika

GNBJ – Globales Netzwerk Bildung & Jugend

SENECA SEDE – Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsentwicklung und Beschäftigung Süd-/Osteuropa, Zentralasien, Kaukasus, Afghanistan

HeSPA – Gesundheit und soziale Sicherung in Afrika, MENA, LAK

HeSPAEE – Gesundheit und soziale Sicherung in Asien/Osteuropa