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Unconventional, Innovative, Experimental - The GIZ Data Lab is a platform that brings together thinkers and practitioners to promote the effective, fair and responsible use of digital data for sustainable development. Since its foundation in January 2019, the Lab applies an agile and experimental way working to explore new trends and develop forward-looking solutions in GIZ partner countries. Together with a strong network of partners, the team promotes the use of digital data to advance development and to support the delivery of innovative services by GIZ. The Data Lab team conducts various experiments in the field of data for development. Experiments are limited in time and scope and seek to test a concrete hypothesis. By working with a broad range of partners, the GIZ Data Lab aims at building a strong network and enhance learning within the organization. All in all, the team strives to be at the forefront in applying innovation and the latest standard, enabling them to offer the best solutions in an ever-evolving market in the field of development and beyond.

Great potential of non-traditional data for real impact 

In an increasingly digitalized world, the use of non-traditional data sources, such as satellite or mobile data, has great potential for improving our development interventions. At the same time, however, increased use of novel data sources and analytical techniques also raises crucial ethical and privacy issues.  

The multifaceted experiments of the GIZ Data Lab serve to develop and test data-based methods in development cooperation, always against the background of the described continuum between opportunities they hold for sustainable impact and challenges that mitigate this process. 

Strong partnerships and effective learning 

A strong focus on partnerships – in innovation, implementation and advocacy - is of great importance for the GIZ Data Lab. As an integral part of its work the team engages with some of the most renowned actors in the data innovation space to co-design and implement initiatives, benefit from each other's strengths and thus, can have a bigger impact than each of us would be able to achieve individually.  

Learning and Working out Loud are key principles that the Data Lab is driving forward to increase its impact. Our channels through which the team shares its work with others and the experiments we are working on are the GIZ Data Lab Blog.   

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