Fund management for nuclear safety

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The EU sought to take direct action following the Chernobyl disaster. A fund was set up with the aim of protect-ing people and regenerating the natural landscape. GIZ IS guarantees that all funds are channelled quickly and efficiently to this cause.

Title: Fund and procurement management to increase nuclear safety
Commissioned by: European Union
Financier: European Union
Country: Ukraine
Overall term: November 1997 to June 2012
Project volume: EUR 47 million

The Ukrainian nuclear power station at Chernobyl suffered a core meltdown in 1986. A reactor exploded, emitting a cloud of radioactive dust. People and the natural world have had to live with the devas-tating consequences of the disaster.

To improve safety at nuclear power stations and deal with the devastating consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. An Industrial Complex for Solid Radwaste Management (ICSRM) is to be set up as part of the plan to decommission the nuclear power station. The ICSRM contains facilities for the secure storage and disposal of radioactive waste.

As part of the EU TACIS programme, the former countries of the Soviet Union were provided with funding to improve nuclear safety in their countries. The majority of the funding was used for the renatu-ralisation of environmental damage and disposal of nuclear waste. Ukraine was one of the focus countries of the TACIS programme.


  • Procurement and fund management,
  • administration of an escrow account, including supervision and control of payments and
  • tendering processes, contract negotiations, contract management up to final completion
  • guarantee of accounting and
  • reporting to the European Commission.

Results achieved so far
A transparent system for payment of funds has been set up and implemented.


Phil Whitmore