Sustainability management

Implementing sustainability across all its dimensions is a major challenge. To achieve this, GIZ has put a robust sustainability management structure in place. In doing so, it constantly puts its level of ambition to the test.

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GIZ goes well beyond meeting statutory requirements and is committed to voluntary national and international agreements. These include the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement on climate change and Germany’s National Sustainable Development Strategy.

With its clearly defined goals, measures and indicators, GIZ’s Sustainability Programme provides orientation and serves as a key management tool for corporate sustainability at GIZ in equal measure. It integrates sustainability systematically into corporate structures, creating a binding framework for working sustainably throughout GIZ. In combination with the company’s strategies on human resources, gender and digitalisation, it is the foundation for sustainable business practices at GIZ.

The company reports regularly on its progress in implementing corporate sustainability and embedding it in its strategies, focusing on social responsibility, ecological balance and economic capability.

Since 2014, reporting on corporate sustainability has been an integral part of the company report. In its Integrated Company Report, GIZ follows a number of national and international frameworks: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, the UN Global Compact and the German Government’s Sustainability Code (GSC). The Integrated Company Report is available online at

The Director Corporate Sustainability, the Sustainability Office and relevant officers with special responsibilities work closely with senior management on the systematic development of sustainability at GIZ. Commissioning parties and the shareholder issue directives on sustainability issues and are a source of fresh impetus for GIZ. All official bodies at senior management level play a role in anchoring sustainability in key business and decision-making processes. The relevant corporate departments implement sustainability measures in their areas of responsibility and develop the relevant skills. Employee participation is assured via the employee representative bodies at GIZ. Employer/staff council agreements are the main instrument used to exercise workplace codetermination. Voluntary staff initiatives also support the implementation of sustainability measures.

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