Social responsibility

As a company, GIZ sees itself as responsible for its staff and for the individuals its projects benefit.

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GIZ is most successful at pursuing its corporate goals when its more than 22,000 employees share the company’s vision, objectives and values, and experience them personally in their relationship with the company. Satisfied and motivated staff are both an objective and a spur: GIZ sees its workforce as its best ambassadors to the outside world. This is why it supports its employees in their commitment to sustainable consumption, a smaller environmental footprint and other environmental and social issues.

It wants all its staff to develop their skills and prospects within the company while achieving a good work-life balance. GIZ sees cultural diversity and other aspects of diversity as enriching the company, which is why it attaches importance to equality and protection against discrimination.

It also protects its workforce around the world through comprehensive security risk and crisis management arrangements. Being and remaining healthy is an important goal for every individual, so GIZ also supports its staff with a holistic company-level system for managing occupational health.