Dialogue with our stakeholders

How familiar are GIZ’s sub-contractors with our sustainability management? What priorities would they like to see GIZ set? In addition to the many tried-and-tested methods of involving interest groups, including our regular dialogue with our commissioning parties, this year GIZ has for the first time polled partner consulting companies on their views of our sustainability activities. In an online survey, almost 150 consulting companies that work for GIZ were asked, for instance, whether they agree with the company’s priority sustainability topics, and which of these affect them in their capacity as sub-contractors.

The results indicated a high level of agreement on the topics identified as important. Both the consulting companies and GIZ see issues such as anti-corruption, climate change mitigation and resource conservation as especially significant for the company. The survey has given GIZ some vital information for fine-tuning its sustainability management.

The high rate of response to the survey was particularly encouraging. It underlines the importance attached to the dialogue by interest groups and it will motivate GIZ to expand this dialogue further. In future, more key partners are to be involved in the dialogue on sustainability.