Legislation, guidelines, agreements and rules must be observed. This is especially true for GIZ in light of its status as a federal enterprise. Compliance with the regulatory framework underpins GIZ’s work and its credibility, and calls for a corporate culture geared to compliance. Our compliance management system ensures that we act according to our guiding principles and demonstrate integrity in managing the funds entrusted to us. We take measures to prevent or resolve breaches of our rules. Moreover, the compliance management system continuously monitors the effectiveness of our rules and guiding principles. If a process no longer meets requirements, it is overhauled and staff are informed of any changes.

GIZ is all about values – specifically, the principles upheld in our society, including compliance with contracts and statute, equal rights, loyalty, cooperation in partnership, and the prohibition of sexual harassment. Integrity in all we do is the bedrock of our day-to-day work. This includes a professional approach to possible conflicts of interest. That is why all GIZ employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy and are required to involve one of the company’s integrity advisors if these have been breached or inform their manager of any possible conflicts of interest.

External partners, commissioning parties and members of the public can also use our reporting system whistleblowing portal if they have a justified suspicion that rules are being breached. Such contacts may be made anonymously. GIZ’s integrity advisors and its External Ombudsman act impartially and independently.