Corporate Sustainability

Initiating sustainable development – this is what we do every day, together with our partners in project countries. We also implement it within the company, for instance in the way we deal with the environment and work together with our staff. To perform at our best and deliver top quality, we rely on the dedication, expertise and experience of our workforce. These assets make GIZ a sought-after partner in international cooperation. At GIZ, corporate sustainability is the responsibility of the Chair of the Management Board. It is also enshrined in our Corporate Principles, and in rules and standards for our staff and managers. We believe that corporate sustainability must encompass social responsibility, ecological balance, political participation and economic capability.

As well as complying with all the legal requirements, we have made a number of voluntary commitments at national and international level. And we also provide information on how we are meeting these commitments. This underlines our determination to adhere to the principles of corporate sustainability.

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‘Many feel it is essential to live and work sustainably’