News 2022

Better learning: linking health and education Protecting species to protect the future – for nature, humans, animals and the climate Anna Sophie Herken to join the GIZ Management Board Knowledge without taboos: a join-in circuit to combat HIV Forest conservation fights climate change Turkey: Job prospects promote solidarity Sahel region: sharing scarce resources more efficiently Preserving the environment and staying healthy Cities for all – shaped by all Mexico: joining forces to make cities greener Digitalisation for sustainable development Electric cars for the climate Social cohesion Tunisia: Next adventure – starting a business Working together to end leprosy New Chair of the GIZ Management Board Laying the foundation for modern-day working in Eschborn Fighting trauma with capsicums GIZ is supporting the Afghan people Uganda: using sunlight to clean water Voices for democracy “European cities need green and blue to tackle the heat” Sierra Leone: practical training for first-time job-seekers Start-ups in Armenia: Fresh ideas for digitalisation A review of 2021: demand for GIZ’s services continues to grow Digital administration to strengthen resilience ‘Everyone benefits from hydrogen as an energy source’ Displaced women in Yemen: success through henna art A two-wheeled transition to sustainable transport Stabilising, supporting, strengthening - GIZ’s response to the food crisis Change: moving from print to digital Media campaign on taboos goes viral International Day for Biological Diversity: nature conservation and species protection are essential for human survival East Jerusalem: flexible support for the health system Serbia: A newly founded practice gives children a future Cyber security: on a mission to establish trust Ethiopia: Innovative farming practices secure regional food supply Innovative ideas on how to tackle the challenges facing society in the 21st century Malian refugees in Niger: new homes allow a fresh start Displacement and pandemic: the dual pressures on Colombia’s health systems Rapid support for Ukraine Mexico: Holiday with whale sharks State Secretary Flasbarth is the new Chair of the GIZ Supervisory Board Green cooling – tackling climate change with eco-friendly technology Philippines: visiting the doctor online A heroine from Moldova: ‘I am inspired by all the strong women in the community’ Insights from an engineer working in development cooperation: ‘Having a technical background is always useful.’ Thinking ahead on security: joint action needed to tackle climate risks South Africa: vaccines for the entire continent Georgia: Budget planning with citizen participation Female developers needed: boosting the number of women in the digital economy Afghanistan: GIZ is assisting local employees to leave the country Interview: ‘My boss said I was mad’ ‘Our commitment to fair wages is long term’ Green recovery: securing a sustainable future Using artificial intelligence and open-source satellite data to ensure food security