Green recovery: securing a sustainable future

How can we make our future greener – and fairer? The latest issue of GIZ’s magazine akzente showcases opportunities to shape our future and examples of projects doing just that.

Climate change and environmental protection are two of the megatrends of our time. So it is crucial that ‘green recovery’ – climate-neutral, sustainable and resilient post-pandemic economic change – is also high up the list. The latest issue of GIZ’s magazine akzente takes a look at how economies weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic can make a green recovery.

Can the world be greener but also fairer? Where are we are already taking steps to mitigate climate change and protect the environment? Where do we need to do more? And what innovations can help? akzente has suggestions and inspirations for these issues.

Global politics needs to step up

As Indonesia’s Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati stresses in her guest article on her country’s path to a greener future, ‘We cannot afford to remain passive.’ Journalist Ulrike Scheffer argues in her essay that a global shift of mindset is now more important than ever: individual towns and cities or regions can take action, but primarily, global policy-makers need to step up. Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrea Meza Murillo, meanwhile, points to an important prerequisite for sustainable change: ‘We have the knowledge and the technology. What we do not have is the money.’ She argues that many countries lack the financial resources to put their ideas into action.

Finally, two reports showcase how technological innovation can help achieve a green economic recovery. A solar-powered ice-making machine has been a boon to the local economy in remote fishing villages in Indonesia. And in central Asia, ingenious water resource management is increasing stability and boosting crop yields. What all these contributions have in common is that they demonstrate a wealth of ideas, approaches and ambitions. Now, the international community has to step up to secure a green path to the future for all.