Federal Foreign Office (AA)

The Federal Foreign Office (AA) has a major influence on Germany’s approach to international cooperation work and as such is also one of GIZ’s most important commissioning parties and a member of GIZ’s Supervisory Board.

GIZ supports AA in its commitment to civilian crisis prevention and stabilisation. This includes managing projects and programmes in current and former crisis and conflict regions such as Afghanistan, Mali and the Palestinian territories.

The regions that form the main focus of cooperation between AA and GIZ are North and West Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

On behalf of AA, GIZ implements projects primarily in the areas of civilian crisis prevention, stabilisation and post-conflict rehabilitation, as well as combating crime and promoting the rule of law. It concentrates on crises and conflicts that have a particular impact on German and European security interests. For example, GIZ is providing supraregional support in Africa to establish functioning police structures and improve border management. It is also promoting civil society in the Middle East and North Africa and strengthening the rule of law in Mexico.

GIZ’s services and areas of expertise

GIZ can provide AA with a wide range of international cooperation services to support the attainment of its policy goals:

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