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The Federal Foreign Office (AA) is represented on GIZ’s Supervisory Board. It has used the company’s services for many years. GIZ supports the Federal Foreign Office’s peace and security commitment worldwide; this includes the management of projects and programmes in current and former crisis and conflict regions such as Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories.

The portfolio mainly comprises capacity development activities for government agencies and civil society organisations, construction measures to improve local infrastructure, innovative financing models, and logistical services such as procurement and provision of equipment for local police forces.

International cooperation measures are implemented under a framework agreement between GIZ and the Federal Foreign Office, signed in 2005.

Regional priority areas of cooperation between the Federal Foreign Office and GIZ are Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Current priority countries are Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Egypt and Tunisia.

GIZ’s services and thematic priorities

GIZ can provide the Federal Foreign Office with a wide range of services to support the attainment of its policy goals:


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