Invoices and accounting procedures

We can process your invoice more quickly and efficiently if you use the electronic invoicing forms we provide. Please comply with GIZ invoicing guidelines and our invoicing requirements and read the information before completing the electronic invoicing forms.  

If you have any questions about invoicing, accounting procedures and repayment, please contact the officer responsible for your contract. This person’s name is normally given on the contract’s cover sheet.

Additional information

For all countries, costs in foreign currency are converted into EUR and reimbursed in line with the EUR currency exchange rate. We use the European Commission's currency converter.


  • If an individual contract provides for cost reimbursement in the foreign currency, the invoice must be accompanied by a corresponding voucher documenting the purchase of the given currency.
  • Foreign currencies that are not used for international payments (see foreign currency list) are reimbursed after we have received proof of the exchange rate.