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Waste Management and circular economy – conserving resources Ambitious climate policy in the countries of South-East and Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia Climate change and land use in ASEAN Global initiative on disaster risk management (Phase II) Institutional Strengthening of the Biodiversity Sector in the ASEAN II (ISB II) Capacity development for climate policy in the Western Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Energy efficiency and climate change mitigation in the land transport sector in the ASEAN region Sustainable consumption and production patterns Protection of biodiversity in the ASEAN member states Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in high mountainous regions of Central Asia REDD Early Movers Emissionsarme öffentliche Beschaffung und Eco-Labelling (BMUB) Policy dialogue on low-emission strategies in the MENA Region (BMUB) Führung in globaler Verantwortung – Climate Leadership Plus Programm International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV (BMUB) Unterstützung ausgewählter Partnerländer bei der Erarbeitung ihrer Treibhausgas-Minderungsbeiträge (INDC) (BMUB) Forestry and Climate Change Strengthening of livelihoods through climate change adaptation in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (completed) German Green Cooling Initiative (BMUB) Developing and using experiences in implementing REDD+ in the Himalayas (BMUB) Network of demonstration activities for sustainable integrated wastewater treatment and reuse in the Mediterranean Adapting the framework for forestry policy to meet the needs of climate change in the MENA region Biodiversity conservation in the Kailash region Promotion of transboundary management of natural resources in the Himalayas Sustainable and climate sensitive land use for economic development in Central Asia Partnerships for recycling Coping with climate change in the Pacific island region

Economic development and employment