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Just labour market policy and TVET support a digital and sustainable economic transformation in Southeast Asia

Future-oriented labour market policy and TVET for a Twin Transition in ASEAN (RECOTwin)


The global transition to a green and digital economic system (the Twin Transition) is a challenge for the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). They need to develop future-oriented policies for labour market and skills development. Especially a just shift to renewable energy and the circular economy will affect many green jobs.

Inclusive labour market and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policies – in the spirit of feminist development cooperation – will allow to meet the demand for a qualified workforce. To achieve this, government officials need the right competences for policy making to equip workers with the skills required to drive the Twin Transition.

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National and regional decision-makers responsible for labour market and TVET policy in the ASEAN Member States have the knowledge and skills they need to shape the green and digital transition in a just and future-oriented manner.


The project assists regional bodies and national decision-makers in adapting their labour market and TVET policies to support the Twin Transition.

It is implementing regional work plans with ASEAN Member States, for example on green jobs, digital skills, labour market information and projections, and gender equality.

The project also contributes to the implementation of evidence-based, gender-responsive labour market policies and information systems by providing training, exchange formats and expertise for national decision-makers.

Together with public and private partners from ASEAN Member States, the project is developing regional tools, standards and learning content to adapt TVET in line with a just, green and digital transformation. At the same time, it is piloting innovative approaches – such as gender-transformative instruments – for labour market policy and TVET.

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Last update: April 2024

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