Civil Peace Service: Peace work and civil society networks in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

Fostering peace literacy and civil society networks in the Great Lakes Region – Phase 2

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

  • Overall term

    2023 to 2025

  • Products and expertise

    Security, reconstruction, peace


The Civil Peace Service (CPS) programme in the Great Lakes Region of Africa includes Rwanda, Burundi, and North and South Kivu (Democratic Republic of the Congo). While these countries differ in terms of their political stability, economic situations, level of violence and efforts to deal with the past, the overall region is characterised by acts of violence and the repercussions of such acts.

This violence has destroyed important social structures within families and communities and undermined people's trust in their fellow citizens and in state institutions. Personal experiences of violence, especially sexual and gender-based violence, remain taboo topics. Narratives and interpretations of past events are sometimes contradictory, and identity is exploited for political ends.


Partner organisations in civil society promote cross-border dialogue in order to resolve conflicts without violence, deal with differences in constructive ways and counteract the manipulation of teenagers and young adults.

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The Civil Peace Service (CPS) programme is expanding an existing project in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Individual measures include:

  • Dialogue: In dialogue forums, different population groups discuss the social consequences of acts of violence and ways in which stereotypes can be manipulated. Together, they develop strategies for coping with such experiences and for resolving conflicts without violence.
  • Journalism for peace: Young people produce media items and journalism on social topics related to conflict, including past events, and the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence. These contributions encourage a critical appraisal of such subjects, as well as exchanges at local and regional levels.
  • Networking: CPS experts also support regional exchanges and collaboration among the partner organisations to foster a common understanding of conflict dynamics, as well as shared positions and peacebuilding strategies.

Last update: May 2023

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