Aerial view of a mining area for extracting diamonds in Kono, Sierra Leone.

Sustainable development through raw materials cooperation

Initiative for a responsible, sustainable and resilient supply of raw materials

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    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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  • Overall term

    2023 to 2025

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    Governance and democracy

Die Mutanda Mine in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo mit typischen Minenstufen und einem Wasserbecken.


Economic, environmental and human rights policies face a dilemma: the viability of future generations requires decarbonisation and a circular economy. However, the technologies needed to achieve this, such as wind turbines, solar cells and electric cars, require many times more mineral resources. In many countries, this leads to an expansion of mining, which is often associated with conflicts, corruption, human rights violations and environmental destruction.

Global approaches to minimising the risks in the extractive industries and utilising the potential for long-term development often neglect the needs of the countries in the Global South. There is a lack of tangible approaches to implementing cooperation on raw materials in practice and taking the development prospects of the Global South seriously.


Countries of the Global South have developed solutions for the sustainable development of the raw materials industry. The resulting demands for raw materials cooperation have been introduced into the German and European political discourse.


Through regional exchanges in Africa, Asia and Latin America –particularly at conferences – the project brings together participants from politics, the private sector, civil society and research to discuss prospects for long-term development in the raw materials sector.

The project discusses the participating countries’ positions on international raw materials cooperation and the resulting development policy conclusions with relevant stakeholders, so that these aspects can be incorporated into the political discourse.

The German Institute for International and Security Affairs is providing scientific support for the project. It is researching how to design resilient and sustainable supply chains and moderating policy dialogues.


Last update: March 2024

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A small-scale mine in Sierra Leone, where several workers are employed.

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 In the foreground: excavated material from a copper mine. In the background: a copper processing plant.

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Fair and stable investment contracts for the raw materials sector


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