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(as at: 31.12.2023)

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been working in Yemen since 1969.

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. More than half the population lacks adequate provision of food and drinking water and basic health services are limited. The economy is affected by high inflation as well as declining energy and food imports.

An armed conflict began in the country in 2004, and a political solution for long-term peace and sustainable development has not yet been reached. Although the conflict is currently decreasing in intensity, the population continues to suffer the consequences. The humanitarian and economic situation is having an impact on social cohesion. With more than three million internally displaced people, the country is facing challenges.

GIZ moved its offices out of Yemen in 2014 on account of the armed conflict. Regular trips to the country began again in June 2022.

On behalf of the German Government, GIZ supports the country’s economic and social development. The core areas of its work are:

  • Economic development and employment promotion
  • (Basic) public service delivery
  • Good governance and peace

To foster economic development and employment, GIZ works with micro and small enterprises and with job seekers, providing training and advisory services, particularly in the areas of solar energy and IT. Improved technical and vocational education and training helps to boost employment. So GIZ also ensures that educational institutions are in a position to safeguard the quality of their services even in times of crisis. 

Optimising (basic) public and social service delivery is a priority for work on the ground. The objective is to improve the population’s access to health care, water, sanitation and social services. To this end, GIZ is working with local partners and the administration to restore and maintain health centres and train medical professionals. 

GIZ promotes good governance and peace in Yemen by developing the cooperation and coordination capacities of local administrations. Priority areas here include roles and responsibilities, in addition to inclusive and participatory planning. GIZ supports efforts to work towards peaceful coexistence in Yemen by addressing target groups that face multiple discrimination. A particular focus is placed on gender equality.

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