Digital Flagship Projects

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The digital transformation is both an opportunity and a challenge to make development cooperation more efficient and sustainable. In addition, new technologies provide important impulses for achieving global agendas such as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   

Our ambitious goal in the GIZ is to fully use the potential of the digital transformation and at the same time address the challenges. Therefore, we use the latest technological and methodological innovations, foster new partnerships, make greater use of existing international networks and expand our personnel capacities and our consulting expertise in the field of digital economy, technological innovations and internet governance.   

The transformation of our own working methods and the strengthening of our competencies in several areas were the prerequisite for anchoring digital technologies and processes as the standard in the provision of services. The new standard in GIZ is Digital by Default.   

Our ambition is to be a pioneer of digital transformation in development cooperation and an innovative partner for the implementation of digital projects in international and development cooperation.  

The digital flagship projects, which present digital approaches and technologies that innovatively tackle challenges in our partner countries, show, we are on the right path. Moreover, the digital pioneer projects show precisely what contribution new technologies and methods make to achieving the SDGs. 

NICE SSM – Digital consulting to improve the soil quality

HARIT Ticker - the blockchain-based platform for organic compost

FAIR Forward – Artificial Intelligence for All

#Africa4Future – The African Hub for Ideas in Logistics and Remote Sensing

Green Innovation Centers – Intelligent Irrigation Systems

TROTRO Tractor - A Platform for digital Services in Agriculture

Innovation Factory – Producing sustainable development

Qasim the Khadim

Sezonskiradnici - Seasonal Labor

Online Monitoring Tool

MuCitySavior – A digital Solution for Flood Control

IoTrees – Guadalajara's Internet of Trees

eKYC – Deploying a Biometrics System to Combat Hunger and Malnutrition

Cambodia's „Digital Security Champions“

AylluDamos – Think Tanks for sustainable Development - Nice to match you

Africa’s inclusive e-learning platform atingi