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“atingi“ means “to achieve something“, in Esperanto, an international  language developed in the late 1880s. It is a fitting name for a project that is dedicated to removing obstacles along the way to a successful professional future. The innovative e-learning platform’s typical users are young people struggling with specific career challenges in the face of insufficient education opportunities since public, private and civil society offers are unsatisfactory in many places. atingi openly provides the necessary study material and opportunities to network in order to build successful careers and “achieve something”. All that students, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries need to participate and learn is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Particularly smartphones are already relatively common in the partner countries of German Development Cooperation as the number of people with access to the internet is growing at a steady pace. 

Akono is a farmer who uses the atingi app in order to expand his knowledge on innovative methods of growing crops on his land in Benin. The open and modular system on the platform allows him to freely mix it up with management skills. His newly acquired knowledge is going to allow him to optimize the processes on his farm in the future. Classes like “sustainable energy resources in farming” draw attention to topics like sustainability. This does not only benefit Akono’s business. It also contributes to protecting and maintaining the land that he is working.  

The learning content is created in cooperation with local partners in order to take into account and cover the needs and realities of the local people. The atingi developers have already been able to form active partnerships in Niger, Togo, Rwanda and Benin. Courses in eight languages are currently available on atingi. This allows atingi users like Akono to access a product that is catered to their specific needs and circumstances. On top of that they can meet likeminded people, tutors and experts with whom they can start working together or who can give valuable advice.

“We are continuously looking for partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders from the private sector and civil society”, explains Jan-Gerrit Groeneveld, the leading project manager for GIZ. “It is important that learners are accompanied by local partners or online tutors during the learning process. This is a decisive factor in preventing the drop-out rate known in e-learning.”  


Sector: Education
Region: Global
Technology: E-Learning platform
Project status: on-going (Launch November 2019)


atingi is an international cooperation between the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Smart Africa Alliance and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

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Partners in Education:

  • Digital study material for founders and digital start-ups are being developed in cooperation with the “Make-IT“ initiative and their network of international corporations (like SAP, IBM and Siemens) as well as African partners from digital ecosystems (for example impact hubs 

  • Siemens Foundations assists in creating content in the field of career orientation.  

  • Content in the field of agriculture is being created by a partnership initiative between the Green Innovation Centers, the University Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and African partners. 

  • Management and project management content for digital promotion of employment is based on the BMZ-Toolkit and GIZ-eAcademy courses 

  • Content in the area of artificial intelligence with the initiative "FAIR Forward - Artificial Intelligence for All"

  • Content in the area of sustainable tourism with the sector project "Private Sector Cooperation"