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Opportunities are endless. This phrase applies to the world of business in particular: „Identify a demand that is not being met, design a product that customers don't even know they want yet, discover a market, that is not saturated.” Young entrepreneurs would often be given advice like this when they start to take their first steps. Finding the right idea in the sea of possibilities is anything but a trivial task though, especially if actual oceans lie in between a product and its target audience.

leverist.de uncovers opportunities in international business by establishing connections between companies and development projects. Fittingly, the offers on the matchmaking plattform that is connecting businesses and service providers from all over the world with partners from countries in the global south are called “opportunities”. That way, a young company from Germany finds partners in Ethiopia in order to assist them with the digital monitoring of a national park. An importer of jewelry discovers the Namibian artisan scene as a new source for the merchandiese she offers in Germany and the trading platform “Nutnose” that is specialized in pulse and dry fruit engages in negotians with local producers of macadamia nuts in the Dominican Republic. “Everybody is here to advance and move forward […],” explains the founder of Nutnose, Lodewijk Portielje. “I think there really is a business factor here for private sector companies – and there is a reach too that allows to get in contact with the right people. People you would not have encountered otherwise.” 


Sustainable development through the promotion of international trade

Several hundred companies have already registered on leverist.de and can express their interest in a multitude of business opportunities in partnering countries all across the world. Successful „matches“ that lead to new collaborations are being born almost on a daily basis. The projects and businesses involved learn from one another and establishing new networks strengthens local entrepreneurial responsibility and sustainable commitment. A user of leverist.de tells the success story of the Namibian jewelry collections: “Our project's goal is the support of local small-scale miners and artisans producing jewelry. Among other things, this includes the distribution of the products in Europe. Within a time span of two to three weeks after the publication of our “opportunity” on leverist.de we engaged in the first conversations. A businesswoman received samples of the jewelry collection in order to examine it and immediately showed interest in handling the transport and distribution of the semi-precious stones. It is very likely that we would have never found that company through traditional channels like newsletters, contacts or internet searches and the same goes for the company that was looking for suppliers.”

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Network effects for development cooperation 

leverist.de succeeds in making technology-driven network effects fruitful for sustainable development. This way, a model that has been implemented with great success by social networks like LinkedIn finds its way to the sphere of development cooperation and contributes to the long-term connection of local economic actors to the global market.


Sector: cooperation with the private sector

Region: Global

Technology: Matchmaking platform

Project status: The pilot phase has been completed end of 2019. leverist.de is now in growth phase and scales within the GIZ and externally.

Partner: Invest for Jobs, Import Promotion Desk, EZ-Scouts, ExperTS, Agentur für Wirtschaft und Entwicklung, Impact Hub Berlin, Global Business Network, Strategische Partnerschaft für Technologie in Afrika, lab of tomorrow, sequa.