Witnesses to a time of peace: Afghan film institute restores old recordings In Kabul, employees of the national film institute, Afghan Film, are restoring and digitising film material that was once thought lost. The rediscovered recordings preserve almost 100 years of Afghanistan’s history.
Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel presented with Charter for the Future Perfectly encapsulating the spirit of shared responsibility for sustainable development, a large number of citizens have participated in a dialogue process to help determine the most important objectives for international cooperation. The results of this process were presented at the ONE WORLD Forum.
EU promotes the return of professional Armenians living abroad Many Armenian professionals are currently working abroad. However, Armenia urgently needs qualified experts to help rebuild the country. The EU is therefore promoting the reintegration of returnees.
Ten years on from the tsunami: much more than reconstruction Ten years ago, a tsunami inflicted devastation and enormous suffering on large parts of South-East Asia. GIZ supported the reconstruction process on behalf of the German Government and initiated many improvements.
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