Sri Lanka: the tsunami ten years on Ten years ago, the tsunami in South-East Asia claimed some 230,000 lives and rendered a further 1.7 million people homeless. On behalf of the German Government, GIZ supported reconstruction in many of the affected regions.
GIZ to cooperate with Deutsche Bahn on vocational training In many countries, rail is the transport mode of choice to get people and goods from one place to another. GIZ and Deutsche Bahn will therefore combine to train skilled workers for the sector in future.
Shelter from the winter: new accommodation for displaced persons in Ukraine On behalf of the German Government and with the help of Ukrainian partners, GIZ has built seven winter accommodation centres, providing a further 4,600 displaced people in Ukraine with a roof over their heads when temperatures drop.
GIZ International Training Centre in Bavaria celebrates 50 years Over the past 50 years, 70,000 specialists from around the world have come to the GIZ International Training Centre in Feldafing to learn and share experiences.
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