Combating exploitation and starvation wages: offering education over child labour 20.05.2015 – There are 150 million child labourers in the world, often working under exploitative conditions. While working hard for a starvation wage, they often do not attend school or receive a proper education.
Bonn Conference for Global Transformation: between theory, politics and practice 18.05.2015 – Inaugural Bonn Conference for Global Transformation a complete success: 700 delegates from 70 countries all agreed that we need to work together for our sustainable activities to succeed.
GIZ is supporting the German relief effort in Nepal 30.04.2015 – After the devastating earthquake on 25 April, more and more relief supplies and experts are arriving in Nepal. Deploying these resources swiftly and in a coordinated manner is now crucial.
Examples of GIZ’s work: economic development for 60,000 enterprises 28.04.2015 – Modern economies need dynamic and innovative enterprises in order to develop and hold their own against international competitors.
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