Helping people find work in Egypt 03.08.2015 – In Egypt, job seekers and job vacancies frequently bypass each other. This is where the National Employment Pact (NEP) comes in. GIZ is supporting its efforts to put people in work.
One World Strategy NRW: ‘Development policy is not a one-way street.’ 30.07.2015 – The North Rhine-Westphalia Government and GIZ are proud of their long-standing successful cooperation.
Training young professionals in the Palestinian territories in line with job-market demands 27.07.2015 – GIZ is assisting the Palestinian territories to strengthen the economy by providing demand-oriented training for skilled workers and helping them find jobs.
More legal security in Afghanistan 22.07.2015 – After decades of armed conflicts, Afghanistan adopted a new constitution. GIZ is supporting the country in putting existing legislation into practice.
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When life becomes extreme 08.09.2015 | Frankfurt
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