The Academy

More than 50 years of know-how as learning specialists in international cooperation, and always in tune with the times. Modern learning methods, current topics and the best possible learning environment: that’s what makes us unique.

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The Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ)

The AIZ provides training to experts and managers in international cooperation for sustainable development to enable them to play an active role in shaping changes and to make knowledge available globally. The Academy’s practically based learning and training activities are geared to current trends in international cooperation and cover a wide range of subjects, from language courses and security training prior to assignments abroad, to sector-based topics such as food security; from methods of conflict resolution and project management, to digital skills for project work and leadership development. The AIZ’s face-to-face and online learning formats are aimed at GIZ employees, both in Germany and in the field, and at external clients.

In addition, the Academy supports GIZ projects around the world in designing and implementing measures for strategic skills development and learning processes with partners, to ensure long-term capabilities in the partner countries and sustainable project results.

The Academy has more than 50 years of experience of capacity development in the international field, for multinational and intercultural teams. It offers excellent learning methods, a learning infrastructure, and a unique learning network. As GIZ’s own academy, the AIZ exploits the practical experience gained by the company through its work in more than 120 partner countries, and integrates this into its portfolio of courses.