Language and communication

»The intensive language course is an important door-opener for our work in Vietnam. It has given us a good basis for continuing to learn autonomously once we arrive there. Working with new learning methods and the accompaying communication of cultural aspects will make our entry phase in the country much easier.«

Ronald and Dajana Hermann

© GIZ / Michael von Haugwitz

Language and communication

A high degree of communication competence in one or several foreign languages is an important precondition for successful work in international cooperation. If you can communicate confidently in the foreign language you can more easily foster mutual trust, negotiate joint goals, and master complex situations. Improving your foreign language skills is our particular focus. Our courses offer a variety of options:

  • Language courses for initially building or further deepening your foreign language skills, courses that take your existing skills into account and are oriented towards your individual learning needs
  • Communication training courses in the thematic areas presenting, facilitating, and negotiating