Strategic alliances and partnerships

GIZ sees close and trusting cooperation with organisations operating in the field of international cooperation and sustainable development as absolutely pivotal. Cooperation with a number of different partners enables GIZ to ensure that its contribution to realising international cooperation objectives complies with the German Government’s standards in terms of coherence, efficiency and effectiveness.

This makes the strategic alignment, maintenance and management of partnerships, cooperation arrangements, alliances and networks an integral part of our work.

National partnerships

In Germany, GIZ maintains cooperation arrangements with a large number of partners from the realms of state and civil society, as well as with private-sector entities and economic associations, political and other foundations, universities, and academic and research institutes. These partnerships serve to make Germany’s international cooperation and sustainable development activities even more effective and efficient.

International partnerships

Globalisation is changing international cooperation. New actors and new forms of cooperation are entering the scene, emerging countries including China, India, Brazil and South Korea are now supporting international cooperation, while the global sharing of knowledge among relevant institutions continues to rise. Political alliances like the G7/G8 and the G20 are increasingly influencing international cooperation and, alongside bilateral and multilateral organisations, international foundations and civil society groups are becoming more and more active.

GIZ cooperates closely with many international organisations in order to firmly anchor German and European positions in international cooperation. Cooperation arrangements and exchange with partners operating around the world help all partners in their ongoing efforts to optimise services as well as creating synergies, thus making for effective support in partner countries.
GIZ is not only a member of international and European networks, but also plays a major part in shaping these.

External links to cooperation partners

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