ProNexus – combining humanitairian, developement and peace activities in the context of refugees and host communities in Mauritania

Project description

Title: Building capacities for strengthened socio-economic inclusion of refugees, asylum- seekers and vulnerable members of host communities in Mauritania
Title as part of the SUN Global Programme: Support to UNHCR in facilitating the operationalization of the Global Refugee Compact in the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (SUN)
Commissioned by: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Mauritania
Lead executing agencies: Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization (MIDEC)
Overall term: 2021 to 2023

Réfugiés Maliens - photo GIZ Benjamin Moscovici


Refugees from Mali have been present in Mauritania since 2012 and more keep arriving. As at July 2021, over 67,000 were living in and around Mbera camp and over 4,200 refugees from more than 40 countries have been registered in the urban centers. Local solutions are needed to improve the inclusion of refugees, asylum-seekers and vulnerable members of the host communities. To do this, it is necessary to enable their inclusion in government services and social protection measures and strengthening their resilience against climate change, environmental scarceness and economically difficult situations.


The environment for the inclusion of refugees, asylum-seekers and vulnerable members of host communities in Mauritania is improved.


ProNexus is made up of a mixed team of GIZ and UNHCR staff. The team supports the local implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and works on increasing interorganisational learning and good practice sharing. The GCR aims to ease the pressure on host countries and enhance self-reliance of refugees. The SUN global project aims to improve the role of UNHCR to support governments in implementing the GCR. This is possible through coordinating a wide range of stakeholders, including humanitarian, development and peace actors, so they can meet the needs of the target groups. ProNexus is SUN's sub-project in Mauritania.

The focus of the project is firstly to improve access to basic public services, to environmentally sensitive livelihood opportunities and to improve social protection. Secondly, the project aims to strengthen government-led coordination mechanisms and UNHCR facilitation capacities at the nexus, and thirdly to increase inter-organizational learning on comprehensive responses at the nexus. The different activities are being reviewed through participatory needs assessment to ensure long-term effects.

Last update: September 2021

Mbera camp view - by UNHCR - authorized for UK project description on public GIZ website