Laughing businesspeople having project meeting at conference table in startup office
Laughing businesspeople having project meeting at conference table in startup office
Laughing businesspeople having project meeting at conference table in startup office

Working for GIZ

Our actions are guided by the principles of sustainability. We believe that only by combining social responsibility, ecological balance, political participation and economic capability will current and future generations be able to lead secure and dignified lives. This belief guides our work with clients and commissioning parties, including the German Government, which is our main commissioning party. Equally, it shapes our cooperation with partners, our interactions with each other and the way we structure our operations. And this is also why we do so much for our staff. We offer a wide range of services and measures to encourage our staff to develop their capacities to the full, and ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. These measures include personal career development, a work-life balance, and an exceptional package of social benefits; but we also go that extra mile to care for our staff and ensure their safety and security. Our staff benefit from an open corporate culture that encourages discussion and enjoy a high degree of freedom to act and shape their own work on a day to day basis.

Diversity and qual opportunities

Diversity and mutual respect are defining characteristics of our corporate culture. GIZ promotes individuality and works to enhance each employee’s prospects regardless of aspects such as gender, nationality or religion.

Identifying and promoting talent

We do not leave your career development to chance. At GIZ we provide a clear structure for human resources development with our talent management system. Our aim is to harness our staff’s potential and strengthen their abilities, with a view to achieving our medium- and long-term corporate goals. Our staff have attractive, realistic career prospects, which enable them to develop on a personal and a professional level in line with their individual needs and life phases. Supporting staff in moving into new areas is an integral and popular part of our human resources strategy. 

We care for our staff - safety and security are important concerns

We believe it is important to care for our staff, and their safety and security are paramount to us. Our staff very much appreciate the support on offer and the risk management services available in partner countries. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and in conjunction with the Federal Foreign Office, we have worked with national and international advisors to put in place a professional risk management system, which minimises the threat to and risks run by individuals working for us in crisis-affected countries. Risk management offices staffed by qualified professionals monitor and analyse the situation on the ground. They are in close contact with the local German embassy, issue security reports and warnings, and advise our colleagues on security precautions. Our medical service gives all staff a thorough medical check-up before they leave for a partner country and on their return, ensuring that they enjoy the highest possible level of medical care. 

It is important to us that you are healthy and insured

Our social benefits include various private pension options, insurance coverage through GIZ and an extensive package of additional support services. Your health is important to us. To keep you healthy we provide a gym and also offer various in-company sports courses, including yoga, pilates, and special workouts to strengthen back muscles. You can also take advice on how to make your workplace ergonomic and on how best to balance your professional commitment and leisure activities. 

Your familiy is part of our team

Achieving a work-life balance is important, and we help make this possible. We offer long-term options for clocking up your working hours (long-term working time accounts), flexi-time, sabbaticals and flexible working time models. With over 180 individual part-time working models available, every staff member has the opportunity to shape their own career and private life. We keep in contact with our staff during parental leave or leave to care for family members and give them support when they return to work. Our offices in Eschborn and Bonn also offer childcare. And in an emergency, when you have nobody to look after your child, you can make use of our ‘parent and child’ office.