North Rhine-Westphalia and GIZ launch international conference format

Bonn Conference for Global Transformation to strengthen Bonn’s role

Bonn/Eschborn. Bonn is getting a new international conference format. The Bonn Conference for Global Transformation is intended to attract several hundred participants from the fields of politics, business, science and civil society from all over the world – and thus further consolidate Bonn’s role as Germany’s international cooperation capital. At the Old Town Hall in Bonn, Angelica Schwall-Düren, NRW Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and Media, and Tanja Gönner, Chair of GIZ’s Management Board, today signed the cooperation agreement for the conference, which is scheduled to take place in Bonn every two years starting in 2015. In terms of content, it will deal with implementation of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals post 2015.

Addressing those present, Minister Angelica Schwall-Düren said, ‘This conference series makes an important contribution to the debate on meeting the global challenges of the future. And where better to discuss this than in the international city of Bonn! I’m particularly pleased that the partnership we set up with GIZ two years ago has developed so well.’

‘GIZ is on home ground in Bonn,’ Tanja Gönner explained. ‘By holding this series of conferences, we and North Rhine-Westphalia will help consolidate Bonn’s position on the international cooperation map. The Bonn Conference is designed to send out a strong, visible signal and to call on all social groups and political levels to contribute to global sustainable development.’

The Sustainable Development Goals, which are set to replace the United Nations’ Millennium Developments Goals as of 2015, are intended to drive forward a global process of restructuring in line with sustainable development. These goals are not only geared to developing countries and emerging markets, however. For the first time they also focus on life in industrialised countries. But at its core the objective is the same for all countries: namely to identify changes necessary to make the world more sustainable.

Dr Angelica Schwall-Düren is the Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and Media in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and responsible for NRW’s One World Strategy and development policy.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federally owned organisation. We support the German Government in the fields of international cooperation for sustainable development and international education. Through our work we assist people and societies in shaping their own future and improving living conditions.